There are several key match-ups to watch including a super charged 3:30 time slot today along with some other not-so-choice games.

(11) Oklahoma State at (22) West Virginia – ABC (DTV-9) (SPEC-1090) – West Virginia is sneaky good and Oklahoma State has to go on the road. Cowboys get past this game and they could be playing spoiler the following week against Oklahoma. And keep in mind that there is now a Big 12 Championship game. But I’m taking West Virginia in Morgantown in a high scoring affair.

3:30 PM
(2) Penn State at (6) Ohio State – FOX (DTV-35) (SPEC-1035) – This is the colossal game of the year and all the hype will be worth it. Franklin vs. Meyer. Urban seeking revenge for last year. Franklin with one maybe two Heisman candidate hopefuls. This will go back and forth but I see, I see, I see a lot of white. Oh wait that was last week. I see a lot of navy. Penn State by a late TD over OSU.

(14) NC State at (9) Notre Dame – NBC (Local NBC Channel) (DTV-2) (SPEC-1020) – Another instant classic in the making. NC State has one of the best front lines in college football and as Notre Dame showed last week they can flat out play. I like NC State a lot but this Notre Dame showed me something special last week is in the making and could really mess up the college football playoff dynamics. Plus they are at home and it will be a lot of pressure for the Wolfpack. Irish by about 4.

Florida vs. (3) Georgia (in Jacksonville) – CBS (DTV-6) (SPEC-1060) – Oh boy. Georgia has been licking their chops for weeks on this one but be careful you don’t just spit up on your self there Dawgies. 14 point favorites is too much unless Georgia runs out to an early lead. Not sure they do that. And then what if the game is close late? Dawgs won in Notre Dame but can they beat the Gators? I’d like to pick the Gators to win because that’s what I think will happen but I have too much respect for the Dawgs and plus my picks have been lousy of late so Gator fans rejoice. This is like Corso not picking you. It may actually be a great thing.

8:00 PM
Georgia Tech at (7) Clemson – ABC (DTV-9) (SPEC-1090) – Techsters run the triple option. Clemson is really missing their kicker and his absence may have cost them the Syracuse game. Tech is on the road so I don’t like them to win but they will make it interesting and keep it closer than most people think.

11:30 AM
Buffalo at Akron – CBS Sports Network (DTV-221) (SPEC-1137) – Bulls vs. Zips. Better options to watch but Zips are leading the MAC East. Bulls are a dangerous team despite the 1-3 record and will surprise with a win on the road.

Arkansas at Ole Miss – SEC Network (DTV-611) (SPEC-1150) – Arkansas is just as dead in the water as Ole Miss is. But Ole Miss is at home. Hotty Totty by a field goal.

(8) Miami, FL at North Carolina – ESPN2 (DTV-209) (SPEC-1128) – Miami just keeps winning and UNC is ready for women’s soccer and maybe basketball to begin. I can’t wait for women’s softball to get started and maybe baseball. Canes by a lot this week.

Rutgers at Michigan – Big Ten Network (DTV-610) (SPEC-1138) – Rutgers with 2 in a row??? No way but can they get the third? Nope, streak ends in the Big House. Wolverines but not as big as last year when they won 78-0. Then again, they may never win by that big a margin ever again.

Texas at Baylor – ESPNU (DTV-208) (SPEC-1131) – Finally, Texas gets to open it up a little bit and claim an easy win. I hate what’s happening at FSU but the Baylor empire has crumbled faster than the fidget spinner fad. Longhorn Nation gets to celebrate a much needed win.

(5) Wisconsin at Illinois – ESPN (DTV-206) (SPEC-1127) – Badgers are the quietest undefeated left in the mix other than UCF or USF. They just keep winning and most expect them to fall when they face the Penn State/Ohio State winner. I’m not so sure about that. Badgers over a hapless Illinois squad.

12:20 PM
Louisville at Wake Forest – WRBW (DTV-65) (SPEC-1065) – Cardinals have struggled a little bit in recent weeks but I think they continue the good vibes from last year and take care of business on the road by 10.

2:00 PM
California at Colorado – Pac-12 Network (DTV N/A) (SPEC-822) – Cal has been improving this year and the Buffs have come back to reality. Can they salvage something from this season. My 8 ball says Not Assuredly. California by 7 on the road.

3:00 PM
Air Force at Colorado State – CBS Sports Network (DTV-221) (SPEC-1137) – Speaking of good teams playing ball in Colorado, how ‘bout them Rams? Colorado State is undefeated in conference play and looking to add one more playing a Falcon team that lacks the defensive fortitude this year to win enough of the close games. Look for Colorado State to cruise at home by 10 or more.

Kansas State at Kansas – FOX Sports 1 (DTV-219) (SPEC-1153) – Jayhawks ready for prime time games. As in basketball. I know I used that line before but they were ready before the season started. Kansas State on the road in an in-state rivalry game.

3:30 PM
Indiana at Maryland – Big Ten Network (DTV-610) (SPEC-1138) – The promise that was there after the first game is certainly not there for Maryland Terp fans after several injuries at QB. Indiana meanwhile has played tough all season and is looking for another conference win to get closer to bowl eligibility. Pacers err Hoosiers over the Terps by 10.

(16) Michigan State at Northwestern – ESPN (DTV-206) (SPEC-1127) – Northwestern pulled out the surprising win versus Iowa last week and looks to get another one this week against Michigan State. But not so fast my friends. Sparty is undefeated conference play and will get to take on Penn State and Ohio State in the next two weeks. Sparty won’t be looking ahead and will take care of business but all games havre been close and so will this one.

(4) TCU at (25) Iowa State – ABC (DTV-9) (SPEC-1090) – Iowa State has made me a believer after another great win last week against Texas Tech. But I haven’t picked them except against Kansas and I won’t pick them this week against the frogs. In fact, I won’t pick them in da house. I won’t pick them on the road. Ah but against a Bear? Perhaps, I might, I might just pick them there. But that’s against Baylor in three weeks so for now no pick love for Iowa State in what should be an entertaining game. For a half.

UCLA at (12) Washington – ESPN2 (DTV-209) (SPEC-1128) – Washington needs this to stay in contention for the national championship. UCLA is just looking to spoil others seasons. We’ll see who wins out but I’m liking Washington at home although this has possible upset written all over it.

3:45 PM
Houston at (17) USF – ESPNU (DTV-208) (SPEC-1131) – F-S-U! F-S-U! F-S-U! Oh wait I have those initials backwards. Doh! Houston has a problem. They have played too inconsistent all year to be reliable. Meanwhile, USF has continued to improve each and every week. At home, against a good opponent, I like the Bulls chances by a lot.

4:00 PM
Vanderbilt at South Carolina – SEC Network (DTV-611) (SPEC-1150) – Vandy, Vandy, Vandy. They started 3-0 and were talking smack about beating Bama because they only allowed 13 points in 3 games. Ferocious defense. Since then they have been outscored 199-73 in just 4 games. South Carolina wins this hands down.

5:45 PM
Utah at Oregon – Pac-12 Network (DTV N/A) (SPEC-822) – Two downtrodden teams seeking a 5th overall win and a 2nd conference win. Utah has played much tougher mentally and I’m thinking just about now is when we determine if Willie Taggert can coach and keep his boys focused as the season is unraveling. I’m guessing he can but Utah still wins this on the road.

6:30 PM
Minnesota at Iowa – FOX Sports 1 (DTV-219) (SPEC-1153) – Iowa with the let down. Minnesota with a let down. Another Debbie Downer game coming up. Minnesota did beat Illinois but barely and they lost to Maryland. I think Iowa can do better than that. PJ Fleck just needs better have some lifesavers because the boat he has been rowing this year is about to hit an iceberg.

Missouri at UConn – CBS Sports Network (DTV-221) (SPEC-1137) – Wow! Did Missouri change conferences? Because I’m not sure they’d be competitive even in the American Athletic. But hey they should beat UConn. Or so I thought about UConn until they surprised me the last two weeks with wins over Temple and Tulsa. Still picking Missouri but not as confident anymore.

7:15 PM
Mississippi State at Texas A&M – ESPN (DTV-206) (SPEC-1127) – Two decent SEC West teams and A&M should have one more win in their column but they stumbled against UCLA on the opening weekend. They are at home and have weathered the Alabama storm well enough. A win now and they could be headed to the Citrus Bowl. Liking the Aggies over the Bulldogs but it will be close.

7:30 PM
Nebraska at Purdue – Big Ten Network (DTV-610) (SPEC-1138) – FSU welcome to Nebraska’s world. Nebraska welcome to the Noles universe. Listless is the only way to describe their performance the last two weeks without being crude. Outscored 94-31 in just two games. Purdue is better coached and fighting hard on every play and will come out on top. Maybe by a couple of TDs.

New Mexico at Wyoming – ESPNU (DTV-208) (SPEC-1131) – Okay look away. If you get near this channel it means you are close to the Aggies/Bulldogs game or the Raiders/Sooners game so just keep clicking. Wyoming in a who cares game on the U.

Tennessee at Kentucky – SEC Network (DTV-611) (SPEC-1150) – Sadness continues on this fine October weekend for one of these two fan bases. Every weekend I have thought it would be the Vols weekend to win and and I’m wrong. Every weekend I think the Cats have it figured out and I’m wrong. So I’m just not picking this game. There. Neither one of you will be happy and neither fan base can blame me for their failure but truth be told, I do like . . .

8:00 PM
Texas Tech at (10) Oklahoma – ESPN2 (DTV-209) (SPEC-1128) – Sooners taking on a Tech team that was stunned by Iowa State last week. Sooners are just too talented to lose at home. Oh wait that already happened. Well it won’t happen again. Will it? Nah. Sooners by 10.

9:30 PM
(15) Washington State at Arizona – Pac-12 Network (DTV N/A) (SPEC-822) – Cougars and Wildcats, oh my. This has some good potential for a late night game. Too bad DirectTV doesn’t give me Pac-12 games. Oh well. Cougars have the ranking and I’d pick them but I like Rich Rod enough that I’ll take them for a fourth straight win. Plus I think Cougars have been getting by on some easy scheduling although no one on Zona’s schedule is world beater either. Still Wildcats over Cougars by 2.

10:00 PM
Boise State at Utah State – CBS Sports Network (DTV-221) (SPEC-1137) – Boise State has found its mojo in conference play. Utah State is decent. This is a good game to watch to see if they run up the scoring but I’ll take Boise State.

10:45 PM
(21) USC at Arizona State – ESPN (DTV-206) (SPEC-1127) – Trojans coming off a walloping in South Bend and Sun Devils at home basking in the well sun of another good win. I like USC but I think I might have to pick the Sun Devils who have been red hot of late. You might say they are hot as hell. Blazing hot. Like an eternal fire hot. Kind of like, well I don’t know SATAN!!!! (insert smirky church lady look here).

11:15 PM
San Diego State at Hawaii – ESPN2 (DTV-209) (SPEC-1128) – Wow! The battle of gorgeous places to live. On the one hand you have a place with great weather year round and plenty of drivable activities. On the other hand you have volcanic islands spewing with gorgeous lava at all times. Ah . . . travel time I think is exactly what the Rodriguez family will need once this season is over. San Diego State over Hawaii but not on the travel brochures just on the football field this weekend.


Eric  Mader